Mar. 12th, 2013

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Be the person carrying a AAA card.

Seriously, they could turn my last three interactions into a commercial for their insurance.

One friend locked herself out of her car.
On a road trip, another friend and I got a flat. At 9 pm. In the middle of the desert.

And most recently, a fellow bellydancer from practice left the headlights on in the 26 degree (Fahrenheit) weather that passes for spring in the upper midwest. The car battery was not happy. It was sufficiently unhappy to require a jump, but with the way the car was positioned in the parking lot it was virtually impossible to get another car within hailing distance of the jumper cables.

So we waited an hour for someone from AAA to get done jumping all the other cars in town that had dead batteries, and then drove around an extra half hour to make sure the battery was recharged before she parked for the night (and double checked the lights).

However, it worked out okay. I haven't had a good chat with this friend in months, since we have equally mad schedules, so we're all caught up now.

Having tea now. Sitting in a car with a dead battery for half an hour in winter is chilly work. First time in ages I've managed a full-body freeze shimmy.

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