Jun. 27th, 2014

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I was at the Lewis Ginter botanical gardens the other day. In a word: gorgeous. In many more words: The woodland gardens were the most striking. Every twist in the path was a new little vista, there were little streams everywhere, it seemed, twisting among rock and surrounded by lush growth of dozens of different types of plants. There's even a tiny floating garden, though there was no guy in a kayak when we saw it--there was a new 1 foot tall bamboo fence, and a turtle sunning himself just outside it.

I cannot imagine how much more I would have to learn to be able to work on anything resembling a garden this amazing. And fresh out of school (and secondary training) is such a great time to be talking about new challenges. But maybe it is. 

I would like to make little backyard gardens and figure out how to let them have self-cleaning water features. Swimming ponds are one way to do it (given how many pools are out there not being used on a daily basis...) but require a lot of space and water. And deserts may be a place where a rock garden is really the only way to go. I really like a well-done water feature, though. Most of the gardens I go to have some ponds and fountains and streams, but the water is only clear when it is brominated or otherwise kept clean of live things. Otherwise it tends to be full of algae and pond scum. A small amount of pond scum is maybe to be expected, but this was the first gardens I have been to that seemed to have some well-managed water areas with plants happily growing in them.

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