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This is a big communication week.

Talked to one professor about health outreach to journalists and got the usual, "We try but those darn journalists are just sensation-writing nitwits!"

Talked to another professor about how the spiral of silence seems to break down a little on the internet -- people's unwillingness to take a stance opposite the group resulting in a skewed perception of what the group's opinion is, since those with the seemingly predominant opinion are more outspoken. On the internet, of course, all the nonverbal social cues are removed or toned down. But what is the effect of skype and conference calls? A question to ponder.

Yet another professor wanted to discuss a mix-up in assignments that I had caused by poor decision making, getting rushed and handing in the wrong thing which then made me look less scrupulous than I would like to be. Though, homework frazzles me in general, something I'm working on. But like tardiness, it is slow going; I have not yet determined the reason behind it.

Then I had to write an introduction e-mail. I dislike business e-mails on the grounds that I do not understand the rules, and no one teaches them. And that will be my next post.

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