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 My impression of Rational Method fanfiction

Oh la la la I am your beloved main character from *rampantly popular* fantasy literature.
Oh, but I read more books and spend all my time studying and the pursuit of knowledge is the most important thing to me.

Here I am in the familiar setting. But wait, rather than relying on the original story's accidental grasp of human dynamics, I shall approach the setting with...

The Power of Rational Thought!

There. I shall now gain friends through my obvious self-control and instant access to social theory. Ex: I shall use my understanding of human nature to flatter people with such a good sense of humor they instantly look up to me! 

This character approaches me with an insult, how dare they? But lo, an opportunity: I shall floor them with a combination of obscure fact (which everyone would know, if they but realized the value of pure rational thought) and insufferably perfect logic. If that doesn't work I shall stand them down with my evidence-based social skills. Somehow I have found the time to practice these social skills, during my Pursuit of Knowledge, and because they are based on logic, I can apply them to any dilemma.

More awkward social situations. Because I am a being of rational thought, I am immune to the attempts of my amygdala to make me fearful. I shall, however, articulate every mental step I take to subvert my own physiologic weaknesses. After all, my awareness of those mental steps makes me a *ahem* more self aware person than other people, who are not quite so smart. I'm sure that only beings of rational thought have found these techniques, everyone else uses a cliche technique to cope with their emotions. If only they were as smart as me, they would see how much better this is than the original story. Now that it has been imbued with...

The Power of Rational Thought!

Even rational thinking people are people, methinks. They just write their Mary Sues with longer words.

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