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The world is not particularly broken*. People have many toys to play with, the internet is spreading information in a way never seenbefore,and we know how to make food safe.

But there are no guarantees. There are no promises that we will find the way past looming problems, nor that history won't repeat despiteallthe knowledge we have garnered.

People will never agree on the Biggest Problem. My parents don't think climate change is going to be all that catastrophic. My coworkersdon'tthink healthcare should overshadow the economy. Most of us are blind to the horrors wrought in other countries by war and politics.Thereare lots of problems, but people's minds turn them into a dichotomy. If it is not the Biggest Problem, then maybe it is not a problem at all!Andthen anger starts and self-righteousness and no conversation is possible.

It would be more effective to find solutions.

Documentaries will happily focus on a single issue, but it's been ages since I watched one so today I caught up.

Blackfish - Orcas are big scary sentient beings with culture and language, civilizations within pods. The one at SeaWorld who killed atrainerhad one of the most tragic backstories imaginable. I do not know if the documentary was intended specifically to slam SeaWorld, butthecomments on the internet suggest people tend to think SeaWorld and all its employees should be lynched. Presumably some people arealittle more moderate in their views, but they do not stand out. "Training" has come a long, long way since Tilikum was spending nights inametal box.

Last Call at the Oasis - Water! If you take nothing else away from it, recycling water is the way of the future! (Oh, and the fact that it'snotalready widely done is terribly sad).

The Island President - Not quite on par with the previous two documentaries for riveting tension, but it was possibly more informative.Littleislands that somehow got a really good spokesperson. It is ineffably terrible that the same little islands are so screwed up that they thencoupd'etated him a year or so later, but as it turns out, elections hang in the balance AS WE SPEAK!! (A coincidence I find rather disturbing)

So my list of problems needs to be broken into categories:

  • Environment - 
    • Climate change and its effect on ecosystems
    • Deep trawling of the oceans
    • Pollution with pseudo-estrogens and other molecular troublemakers.
    • Depletion of groundwater/freshwater resources
  • Socioeconomic -
    • Poor cost/pay structures for a mechanized world creating poverty
    • Unbalanced health care systems
    • Loss of cultural behaviors to enforce healthy living
    • Ideologic differences and their effect on communal priorities
    • to be continued...
*The world of people. The biosphere may be irreparably effed up for all current species. I would like to be an optimist and say that yeah, we could probably figure out a way to make it less screwed. 

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