The Warm

Jul. 10th, 2011 07:38 pm
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The warm has attacked. I tried to find non-A/C options, but sadly no one sells bamboo sleeping mats in this country. Not even on amazon!

The weekend was not entirely enjoyable, but completely necessary. After much cognitive pain, I finally gave up on Saturday and went out to the farm to be comforted by dogs. And the cat, who had a really lovely oozing abscess on his neck. Ha-Hah, I noticed the abscess last week before it ruptured! Go me!

Today I saw Writers. They were fascinating, from a safe distance. Avid fandom tends to make me uncomfortable, so it was nice to run into an artist-friend who went yesterday too, who was much more interested in artist talks than the basking-in-the-Writer's-light talks. Maybe it's because I consider drawing more social than writing (which I prefer to do behind closed doors, preferably late at night and with headphones on).

I did find TWO Pratchett books: in RUSSIAN. Feet of Clay and Wyrd Sisters. Sadly not my favorites, but come on, in RUSSIAN.

Speaking of russian, I also attempted to Skype with Ix, and that was a bit of a crash-and-burn endeavor. It takes a lot of positivity to muddle through the frustration of a language you don't know. I did not have much positivity in stock, but Ix was kind and stopped the skype session. He walked far enough off campus to not endanger other students of language-pledge breaking. So the phone call was in English, and by the time we got to discussing pillow-shopping, positivity levels were restored to low-normal.

To do tonight:
Work up dog with weird blood values
Make bread
Remember dinner
Package mail
Preliminary pin-up sketches

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