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I just made awesome chocolate cake that technically has no sugar in it! It does have a super-generous dollop of honey, but I am willing to overlook honey for the time being. My main goal is to cut refined sugar entirely, minus the little tiny bit that exists in dark chocolate. I have half a carton of ice cream to go, and then I'll be good.

My other endeavor this weekend: vermiculture. It's because of the juicer. While I happily report I am now allowed to eat fiber again, the juicer is going to remain a pretty big part of my food supply. I am only allowed to eat fiber in moderation, and it's supposed to be gentle, cooked-down fiber. So I would still be missing out on the really fun, tasty vegetables like cabbage and celery and carrots. Besides, fresh juice is awesome (the secret of carrots: organic actually makes a difference!)

Since I am routinely making half a cup of fruit-and-veggie pulp that I certainly have no use for, and I hate to toss it in the garbage (this not only is wasteful, but requires much more frequent removal of the trash), I OBVIOUSLY need something that can eat it. But I can't have chickens in town. Nor do I get out to the chickens that aren't in town often enough to really excuse keeping a bucket of scraps in the fridge.

And hence: worms. I got two little cartons of red wrigglies from the local bait shop (not only that, but with a buy-1-get-1 coupon. Seeing as I do not fish, I had never expected to have a use for that particular coupon). And then I discovered I do not have the right sized container to turn into a worm box. NOOO! Must acquire box! The only one I have that's big enough is too big and won't fit under the sink. I feel it must fit under the sink, because otherwise Ix is going to roll his eyes at me and comment on the fact the kitchen is already tiny and full of stuff. But if the worm-box fits under the sink, then there is obviously no problem at all. Stupid plumbing. Do we really need a drain disposal? And U-pipes?

Anyway, I figure the worms could use a day to recuperate from my abandoning them in a cold, cold car for a couple of hours, and in the meantime...well, in the meantime, actually I'll be having 10 hours of class in a row and may not be up for doing anything productive. So the worms will get two days to recuperate, and by then I ought to have acquired a good box and filled it up with damp shredded newspaper. And then I will get to feed them juicer scraps!

While I suspect my ability to create foodish byproduct far outstrips my space for vermiculture (all I have to do is get into keeping fresh sourdough starter again), it will be nice--assuming the worms can survive my tender care--to have something living I can feed scraps to. And worms do not make nearly as much noise as chickens.
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It is snow! Icy cold snow! It was warm last night, surprisingly warmish except for those who remember that blizzards involve the warm part of winter weather and the sub-zero temperatures come as soon as the last snowflake falls. I have been inside all day in sweatpants and a tanktop, blissfully unaware of the true temperature outside. I maybe should go break out the car to make sure the doors still open. But as long as I don't need to drive anywhere, why bother? They won't get more frozen. Actually, I tell a lie. It's sunny right now. If the car were on the sunny side of the building, this would be the best time to get it all clean of snow. But it's on the shady side of the building, and it's locked in its own little permafrost. So as I already concluded, it's frozen solid.

I went grocery shopping last night. Ix escorted me, very kind of him. I made him speak Russian part of the way. He seemed to be feeling nostalgic for his four months abroad, most particularly the ease and availability of public transport in Russia. It's not a terribly long walk to the grocery store, even in slippery slushy snow, but it was also warm. Today it would feel like a much farther, much more hostile distance.

I'm a touch erratic right now. I have spent probably six hours on some homework that involved a lot of staring at radiographs, feeling woefully confused and beleaguered. I suspect there was a more efficient way to spend those five hours, but any time I spend studying is good, so I won't complain too much. But I must word-spew a bit before I can tolerate the thought of yet more studying. Thankfully, it will not involve radiographs.

Yesterday was a good, full day of doing. I made waffles, with ginger and cinnamon in them. I do not make waffles excessively, but I have totally perfected the art of adding ginger to them. I am convinced that ginger is the secret ingredient for perfect waffles. The cinnamon is nice, but truly it is the ginger.

I sketched parrots cleaning each other's behinds. It was... different. I am sad to say the sketch only makes sense if you know what you're looking at, but maybe I shall go back to the zoo some day and catch the parrots at it again, and then I shall do it larger. And in watercolor.

I went to a massive chocolate sampling with a couple of friends. The best moment was after we had sampled all the chocolate and went over in a curious, cavalier sort of way to look at a wine that was also open for sampling. It was a white wine but sort of a rose-gold color, because it was apparently infused with essence of cherry and chocolate. I tried some. My friends tried some. We stood. We tasted.

We ended up carrying out an armful of bottles of the stuff.

It was amazing! It actually tasted good! I like tasting wine (I like tasting everything), but this is something I could actually see drinking.

I think all three of us got bottles of it because we were able to think of people we needed christmas presents for, and none of us have actual plans to drink the bottles we got (except me, I got two, and one of them is going home for a family dinner that I fully intend to be present at). It was just enough expensive that none of us would buy it for ourselves...but presents, that's different.

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