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My current toy is a music program on a computer. This week I am attempting to figure out how the darn thing works. I was surprised to find out that the gazillion tidbits of music provided in the loop library are actually useable. I seem to remember when I went through this phase last year, I couldn't figure out how to access them, and so I assumed that meant they were inaccessible without the secret password ("expensive upgrade").

But no! It turns out I really do get to play with them!

Now I'm learning how fifty different samples can all clash. There's the drums that sound like a bollywood track, and the drums that sound like background to a Jimmy Buffet song, and the drums that would work in a smoky cafe. But none of them sound good together. I finally hit on a very, very basic combination involving the recording of a...oh, the name escapes me. You know. The clicky things. Bars of wood? You hit them together? They make a nice wooden knocking noise? It starts with a C, I remember that much...

If I survive the learning curve, I'd like to get a microphone and actually record some real noise. If there's one thing even the fancier music programs lack, it's a decent french horn simulator. I just don't understand how the software designers failed to include it. For that matter, I've never understood why there aren't more french horns outside of orchestras, but that's a topic for another day.

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