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I have somehow accumulated four--no, five--essays that are due next week. Plus I'm flying to another city for four days, where I will presumably have a little bit of time to work on papers, but it's going to put a serious break in my workflow. Today is Thursday, which has been a decently productive day for me in the past, not quite as good as Friday. Since I'm wondering right now if I've bitten off too much, I am almost ready to start working. If I put things off for a few more days, I would be certain I had bitten off too much and would immerse myself in frenzied essay preparation. I'm hoping to access frenzied essay preparation today, for the pipe dream of finishing early.

But first I am learning how to build a poster. Posters are these excuses for scientists to get together in pleasantly distant cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco. Because all the information that really matters is on the poster, and all the posters are gathered into a big room for the duration of the conference, it's easy for the scientists to browse through, get the scoop on the newest research and (with the better posters) what the current state of the field is. And then they can go goof off for the next three days.

The brilliant part is that it's relatively easy to get a poster accepted, so there's a huge number of scientists who come to these things to "present" the poster, meaning they stand by it and talk to browsers, and then they are done. There are speakers and seminars and sometimes workshops at these things too, but thanks to the poster session, scientists can be choosy about which ones they go to and how much time they spend in other, more diverting pursuits.

So you can see, it's very important to know how to put together a poster.
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This essay is kicking my butt. I need to explain my academic ambitions (stay in school! Get degree! Get another degree!), my personal achievements (dance! art! crazy diets backed by a modicum of critical thinking and science!) and how the scholarship will help me (it would pay half of my tuition for one year). Alas, I keep wanting to tell the story of how I diagnosed myself, which doesn't actually fit very well into the 1-2 page limit. >.<

It didn't help that I slept terribly this morning and lost three hours this afternoon because I was napping/reestablishing that I am not an awful, awful person because I doodled during lecture. Granted, I did doodle a LOT, but still, we try not to consider it a moral failing on par with committing felonies. It's hard to remember, though, when the sleep deprivation and the prednisone-tapering-process is blowing everything out of proportion. It was their fault in the first place, anyway.

The good news is that when I stormed into the apartment, in the sort of mood where one feels perfectly justified in flinging oneself at walls, my garbled "I'm in a bad mood and if you don't like it you can go to campus!" did not freak out Ix. It did not offend him either. Apparently, he was just really, really perplexed and had no idea what I was talking about.

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