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Yay! I have talked with a dietitian! I now know why the low residue diet is silly but necessary, and I furthermore have gained support for following an almost-but-maybe-not-strictly-"pure" macrobiotic diet. Not until after the low-res thing is taken care of, but the dietitian was helpful and actually gave me a timeline, unlike my eminently unhelpful GI who basically said "Follow these vague and unhelpful guidelines until we can set up an appointment for you to have a procedure that may or may not mean you have to have surgery."

No, now I have a very specific set of instructions: Stay low-res until the procedure, and if anything will make the surgery unnecessary, that will do it. If surgery is still necessary, then I can look forward to more low-res, but they will probably let me eat food with texture again after about a week, maybe sooner. And then I will be free to follow bizarre food regimes to my heart's content.

But until then, I really do have to stick with low-res. I had not understood the reasoning before, but basically the idea is that even if nothing appears to be wrong, any food with residue (i.e. vegetables, oatmeal, etc.) will leave the residue on the near side of my stricture. I wouldn't feel anything for a while, because liquids would be passing without a problem, but ultimately it could result in another partial obstruction or worse. The things I may or may not have eaten with residue this last week *innocent whistle* potentially have all piled up, but they may sort themselves out and go liquidy enough to pass through. And if the stricture is only inflammation, then giving it a week of plain, plain food ought to clear it up enough that they'll be able to tell that it was not a permanent, surgery-requiring stricture after all.

Apparently I am the sort of patient who really does need things spelled out, though. I found out that pretty much all the stuff that was not included on the list of allowed foods was not allowed for a reason, but even so, I needed the dietitian to explain to me why specifically. Peanut butter, for instance, has fiber, therefore has residue, therefore is not good for me right now. The thing my GI did not make clear to me, though, was that the low-res diet actually has the potential to fix the problem. The impression I'd gotten was that it was merely a palliative measure, kind of like telling someone with a headache to take an aspirin. They don't always take the aspirin, but it doesn't matter...

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