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I seem to have lost the thread of this blog. Blogs work best when you have a theme, right? And I was very into pole dance, and diets-for-the-sake-of-healthiness, and certain obnoxious chronic illnesses. And it's not like those things have gone away, but the urge to write about them kind of did. I've got my kefir-making turned into a nice little routine, and my morning soup ritual which became a lot less relaxing once I added "clean the pigeon cage" into the list of things I have to get done while the water heats.

I suspect pigeons were one item too many, since before I adopted them I was feeling more or less on top of things. But the pigeons, in addition to increasing the number of feathers showing up in corners, really dislike me, and one of them has an ongoing smelly-diarrhea-problem that does not help endear them to myself or my boyfriend. So instead of being an addition to life, they have become just a chore that I'm putting up with until summer comes and they can become outdoor pigeons on the farm.

If nothing else, it's been a valuable lesson in keeping pets. All my pets prior to this were on a farm where I could kick them out of the house when I wanted to. I missed them terribly when I went to college. But five years of living in a petless apartment and a few months of keeping ungrateful sots of pigeons has decreased my sense I need pets for a complete life.

Furthermore, it's showing up the fact my boyfriend and I are NOT ready for a dog. I don't have time and he does not have the inclination. Granted, he would probably get along with a dog better than the pigeons, but there's a difference between getting along with the dogs when we visit my parents and wanting to have one living in the house and being responsible for it. Ix is not clamoring for responsibility as it is. I sometimes forget that grad school is generally considered difficult and time consuming, and that he actually does have some stress in his life.

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