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Rotations right now. Every two weeks I find the new job I'm going to spend the rest of my life in. First day of Basic Skills today, which turns out to be more epidemiology. On the one hand, yay! On the other hand, epidemiology is hard, requiring math and computer skills I have yet to develop.

I feel that the last rotation was just the right length--I happily spent very nearly two weeks contemplating a career in theriogenology and then, on the last day, decided "Eh, neh, maybe not." But I got to spend that day walking around drawing cows and looking forward to bellydance.

Bellydance! I dragged Ix along, although he excused himself from the festivities after a stint of photography to go study. After becoming nearly fluent in Russian, he is now getting in trouble with the Polish professor for having a russian accent.

The Warm

Jul. 10th, 2011 07:38 pm
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The warm has attacked. I tried to find non-A/C options, but sadly no one sells bamboo sleeping mats in this country. Not even on amazon!

The weekend was not entirely enjoyable, but completely necessary. After much cognitive pain, I finally gave up on Saturday and went out to the farm to be comforted by dogs. And the cat, who had a really lovely oozing abscess on his neck. Ha-Hah, I noticed the abscess last week before it ruptured! Go me!

Today I saw Writers. They were fascinating, from a safe distance. Avid fandom tends to make me uncomfortable, so it was nice to run into an artist-friend who went yesterday too, who was much more interested in artist talks than the basking-in-the-Writer's-light talks. Maybe it's because I consider drawing more social than writing (which I prefer to do behind closed doors, preferably late at night and with headphones on).

I did find TWO Pratchett books: in RUSSIAN. Feet of Clay and Wyrd Sisters. Sadly not my favorites, but come on, in RUSSIAN.

Speaking of russian, I also attempted to Skype with Ix, and that was a bit of a crash-and-burn endeavor. It takes a lot of positivity to muddle through the frustration of a language you don't know. I did not have much positivity in stock, but Ix was kind and stopped the skype session. He walked far enough off campus to not endanger other students of language-pledge breaking. So the phone call was in English, and by the time we got to discussing pillow-shopping, positivity levels were restored to low-normal.

To do tonight:
Work up dog with weird blood values
Make bread
Remember dinner
Package mail
Preliminary pin-up sketches

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