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I haven't written in days. Must write. Must stay in shape for it. I liked the feeling that I was a writer who actually wrote. It was very empowering.

Somewhat complicating matters is my current dabbling in songwriting. I am intrigued by songs. They have so many fewer words than literature, but some of them are just so powerful. I don't think there are many people who feel like dancing madly after reading War and Peace (maybe just because they finished it and can finally move on with their lives).

But, after looking at lyrics and songwriting and how the current dance hits are structured, they are NOTHING like literature. Literature revels in detail and the perfect word and clarity (ahem: the literature I like. I know it's not true for everything). Songs revel in cliches which have been reinvigorated by an infusion of music. A strong bass beat does wonders for sentimental drivel: it lets it speak to the soul!

I mean, look at that last sentence. Imagine it shouted out over an audience of thousands, with really good reverb and a deep thrumming chord. It looks better already.

Having discussed this with my brain, I find myself split on the subject. On the one hand, music has this almost mystical allure: in three minutes, you can completely alter your outlook on the world, and it takes so very few words! But approaching it from a literary standpoint feels like using fine woodworking tools on metallurgy. Just two completely different worlds that look like they do the same thing.

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