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I have lots of things on my docket. I have classes, of course, and the accompanying studying. Ah, yes, the accompanying studying. I felt inspired by all the furor over the "Tiger Mom" book. Six hours of studying a day?Sounds good to me. I suspect the only way I'll manage it is by getting up early enough to study for an hour before classes: that way, I realize how much more I have to do. And then I am less likely to spend hours diddling away the time.

Instead, I can spend it cooking! I like my evolving version of macrobiotics. Brown rice in a thermos makes good sitting-in-lecture food.
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It has come to my attention that I have been a Bad Student for several months now. Seeing as it is my passion and vocation and so on and so forth and I only have a year and a half left to learn EVERYTHING (see, that way when I forget most of it I'll still know something!), I am determined to change it. This will require many hours studying in libraries and coffee shops. I think we have determined that studying at the apartment does not, in fact, work. It kind of works when there are no distractions, i.e. boyfriend. But Boyfriend + Art + Cooking + Dancing + Writing (the indispensable distractions) is just too much for my willpower to handle.

Oh, and internet. Internet is frankly evil when it comes to concentration.

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